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Monetizing Dahlias:
Growing for Profit

Stop playing the dahlia growing game on hard mode! Growing for profit doesn't have to be a frustrating experience
- especially when you have Coseytown in your corner! Get equipped with the scientific insights and evidence-based solutions you need in the first course designed specifically for your needs and pain points as a monetized grower.


Season Beginnings:
Dahlia Tubers 

Get equipped to have your best year yet!
 Before you even think about just laying your precious dahlia tubers aside until planting time there’s several preseason opportunities to set yourself up for success... and we're here to help make it happen!



What Students are Saying...

Erin Simmons

Handpicked Homestead

"I've had the opportunity to take online classes from LeeAnn as well as receive consulting, and cannot recommend her enough. She is truly an expert - and a kind and approachable teacher who empowers her students. Her patience with any question I asked, and also her attitude of humility - that not all ways work for all people or environments - set me up with ideas to try that will ultimately help me to reach the best methods of dahlia cultivation that matches my lifestyle, growing zone and farming methods. I trust her and highly recommend others take the opportunity to learn from LeeAnn!"

Tom Precht and Sarah Daken

Grateful Gardeners

"LeeAnn has the perfect tone and tenor for teaching, keeping it light, but informative. Teaching is a challenging vocation, because ultimately we are judged on how well our students receive and apply the material they are provided. LeeAnn achieves the feat of bringing Dahlia knowledge to a level that all, from beginners to masters, can absorb. She's a wonderful teacher!"

Ann Kersh

The Little Flower Growers

"I enjoy learning from LeeAnn. She's a good teacher with a good knowledge base and real world growing experience. This is the second course I've taken from her. Recommend."

Jessie C.


"Clear, pleasant, and to-the-point. It's obvious that LeeAnn knows her stuff, and learned it through solid research and solid experience. She comes through as an approachable authority who genuinely enjoys sharing her knowledge."

John Auger

Flora & Ephemera

"LeeAnn presents in an easy-to-follow manner, providing necessary details in a way that does not overwhelm."

Michele Ktistou


"I truly loved the videos from LeeAnn.  She has such a calm presence and a great sense of humor. As I was watching, I was thinking about how she must have put so much thought and care into creating this course.  It truly comes through."

Shannon Harker

Western Flora Co.

"LeeAnn is very knowledgeable and great at explaining the information."

Lauren Matthews  

"LeeAnn is extremely knowledgeable and is a great teacher!"

Lesa Allison

"Loved LeeAnn's approach and presentation."

Lucy LaFayette 

"LeeAnn is a knowledgeable instructor who knows her subject thoroughly."

Meet Your Instructor

LeeAnn Huber of Coseytown Flowers is a dahlia hybridizer, educator, flower farmer and entrepreneur whose line of dahlias bred specifically for cut flower production - Coseytown-Certified Cut Flower dahlias - are distributed throughout the United States and Canada. LeeAnn's passion for lifelong learning and applying evidenced based approaches in an agricultural context is embodied in her daily mantra ‘Every day is a school day!’ LeeAnn can be found sharing her expertise on all things dahlias across a variety of venues including as lead instructor at Coseytown Academy, guest educator with internationally renowned Longwood Gardens, subject matter expert and thought leader on various floriculture channels and podcasts, and through Coseytown Flowers website, social channels and educational offerings.

LeeAnn, who’s agricultural heritage spans many generations in the mid-Atlantic region, was raised on a beef cattle farm specializing in cattle breeding. LeeAnn graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Animal Sciences and International Agriculture before starting a successful career in Sales and Marketing.

Following her promotion to motherhood, LeeAnn left the corporate world and formally incorporated Coseytown Flowers in 2015, turning a hobbyist’s daydream into a full-time business.

Located among the gently rolling hills of Greencastle, PA, dahlias were a focal point for Coseytown’s local cut flower sales from the beginning and it wasn’t long before LeeAnn began a hybridization program to cultivate her own line of dahlias bred specifically for cut flower production - Coseytown-Certified Cut Flower ahlias - which are sold throughout the United States and Canada.