BecauseĀ "well begun is half done"

Get equipped to have your best year yet!

Have you ever felt…

1. Uncertain about what to do with your newly acquired dahlia tubers before planting?
2. Unsure what surprises might be waiting for you after bringing tubers out of storage?
3. Concerned about whether your tubers are healthy? Or have viable eyes?
4. Anxious about what to do before planting to set yourself up for a season of success?

So what if this could all be different?

Before you even think about just laying your precious dahlia tubers aside until planting time there’s several preseason  opportunities to set yourself up for success...

and we're here to help make it happen!

After this course you'll be able to...

1. Assess tuber health and inspect newly acquired tubers
2. Identify which preseason dahlia concerns actually matter
3. Troubleshoot common preseason dahlia issues
4. Properly care for your dahlia tubers until it's time to plant
5. Understand the pros and cons of starting dahlias indoors or outdoors
6. Determine which preseason system works best for you!


Season Beginnings: Dahlia Tubers

A 5-part video course available on all your devices + resources page + printable course workbook!

Gain immediate access and replay as much and as often as you'd like!

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PraiseĀ for Season Beginnings: Dahlia Tubers

ā€œLeeAnn is a phenomenal Dahlia grower and hybridizer, and this course is a perfect encapsulation of her skill and knowledge. It's a concise, accessible, and entertaining journey into the basics of growing Dahlias, a subject that is so dense and massive that it would take several courses to learn the fundamentals. The Spring Tuber Care course is the first critical primer to starting your Dahlia growing adventure, and LeeAnn has put together an insightful and helpful guide to having a successful season of stunning Dahlia blooms! It's worth every penny!!ā€

Ā -Tom Precht and Sarah Daken | Grateful Gardeners | @grateful_gardenersĀ 

 “Coseytown dahlias are a mainstay on my cut flower farm. I know LeeAnn develops her intros with flower farmers in mind and I've come to trust and prefer her dahlias for the solid performing blooms, tubers that store well, and appealing forms and color palettes which are always crowd-pleasers. Imagine my delight to have the opportunity to learn from the master herself! Just as I trust LeeAnn for the dahlias she develops, I trust her guidance about the best ways to maximize dahlia health and production. In this course, she sets us up for success from the get-go, delving beyond the basics into other frontiers such as storage molds, efficient labeling protocols, resources that she herself uses, and more. This course is packed with info but can be completed in one sitting - perfect for the busy flower farmer to gain the information needed to launch the best dahlia season yet! I highly recommend and can't wait for more classes from LeeAnn - I'll be the one in the "front row!"
-Erin Simmons | Handpicked Homestead | @handpickedhomestead

 “Very helpful - I found out everything I was hoping to about disease ID, tuber care before planting and storage. The information was to the point and succinct and the extra information guide at the end was helpful for going more in-depth on my own. It basically gave me more confidence going into planting season this year. LeeAnn is very knowledgeable and great at explaining the information.”
-Shannon Harker | Western Flora Co.

 “Clear and concise information for dahlia tuber care. Especially loved the information and images of the types of mold that can show up on tubers. Very helpful! LeeAnn explains, in easy to follow steps, what is needed for the preservation, care and health of dahlia tubers. Loved all the information she provided.”
-Jacqui Kennemer | Front Porch Flower Farm | @fpflowerfarm



Course Outline


Inspecting Spring


Common Molds




Should I Pre-Sprout Before Planting?


Handling Dormant


Dahlia Planting


Resources Page + Printable Course Workbook

Get a game plan, create your checklist for success and capture key notes for easy future reference!

Meet Your Instructor

LeeAnn Huber of Coseytown Flowers is a dahlia hybridizer, educator, flower farmer and entrepreneur. LeeAnn's passion for lifelong learning and applying evidenced based approaches in an agricultural context is embodied in her daily mantra ‘Every day is a school day!’ LeeAnn can be found sharing her expertise on all things dahlias across a variety of venues including as a guest educator with internationally renowned Longwood Gardens, as a subject matter expert and thought leader on various floriculture channels and podcasts, and through Coseytown Flowers website, social channels and educational offerings.

LeeAnn, who’s agricultural heritage spans many generations in the mid-Atlantic region, was raised on a beef cattle farm specializing in cattle breeding. LeeAnn graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Animal Sciences and International Agriculture before starting a successful career in Sales and Marketing.

Following her promotion to motherhood, LeeAnn left the corporate world and formally incorporated Coseytown Flowers in 2015, turning a hobbyist’s daydream into a full-time business.

Located among the gently rolling hills of Greencastle, PA, dahlias were a focal point for Coseytown’s local cut flower sales from the beginning and it wasn’t long before LeeAnn began a hybridization program to cultivate her own line of dahlias bred specifically for cut flower production - Coseytown-Certified Cut Flower dahlias - which are sold throughout the United States and Canada.